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Cultural mediation about and around the shows

Cultural actions

Several cultural actions specifically focused on the creative process are organized during the production and representation periods of the company’s shows, such as public rehearsals, showcasing different work stages, meetings with the public, debates, workshops, etc.

Artistic practice workshops, in a classroom or at the theater, are imagined and designed around the themes addressed by the company for school audiences, amateurs as well as professional artists.

The proposed work allows experimentation with territory investigation, documentary research, the art of conferences, discourse construction, orality, and public speaking.

This season’s current mediation projects


As part of the creation of the seventh cartography of the Anthropocene Atlas , entitled “The Rabbit issue” Vertical Détour and the Maison des Métallos are offering four weekends of open participatory workshops during which the public can follow and participate in the investigative process required to draw a map. From the stuffed rabbit to the hunter rabbit casserole, the rabbit theme will be explored in all its facets.

Maison des Métallos - 2021 Calendar

  • June: The Rabbit and the Carrot (ecology, ethology, burrows, sex, race and food)
  • September: Are rabbits an invasive species or victims? (epidemic, assassination, breeding, and the conquest of space)
  • November: Rabbits, plastic, and Bugs Bunny (stuffed animals, the toy industry, commercial image, and representations of animal fantasy)
  • November: The rabbit in the pan or how to cook it well

PARTNERSHIP WITH Les Quinquonces-L’Espal, Scène nationale du Mans (72)

The (not at all) diagonal of Le Mans

An artistic and cultural project project led by Frédéric Ferrer with students and teachers from the École supérieure d’Art et de Design – TALM Le Mans.
From November 2020 to March 2021, the participants made a geographical cross-section of Le Mans and produced a theatrical installation / performance, with projections, speeches, guests, and staging of territories and stories to account for a unique journey through the city and ways of looking, thinking, putting into play, and why not “designing” the territory.


From September 2021, participant-lecturers will meet once a month at the Scène Nationale in Le Mans, for 3-hour sessions. The objective of this monthly meeting is that each participant can imagine, develop, build and “test” their conference, or parts of their conference, in front of the other speakers, and can come to share and discuss with them.
Public opening SCHEDULED FOR MARCH 2022.

Laboratory of Joyful Thought organized by Les Quinconces-L’espal, Scène nationale du Mans (72)

With Frédéric Ferrer, actor, director, geographer and explorer of life; Gilles Fumey, teacher-researcher in cultural geography; Emmanuel Perrodin, nomadic chef and artist of the Grand Ensemble; Estelle Payant, journalist, actress and food critic.
Following the cancellation of the 2021 edition of the Vivant(s) festival and in preparation for the 2022 edition, the Scène nationale du Mans invited its researchers to participate in three days of research laboratory in March 2021, at the intersection of the arts and sciences to reflect on our relationship with living things and more specifically our relationship with our food.

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