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The artistic factory

Le Vaisseau

Since 2016, the Vertical Détour company has been in long-term residence at the Coubert rehabilitation center, which is where they developped Le Vaisseau, an artistic factory that uses the center’s theater and dance studio—a space for work, interactions, and curiosities built around artistic practice. Le Vaisseau is open to all: artists, patients, health professionals, and locals.

Several activities are carried out:

  • Hosting performing art teams in residence by providing space, time, and resources to develop creative projects.
  • Implementing cultural and artistic activities open to all: patients, families, staff and locals.
  • Organizing public events open to all allowing the public to meet the resident artistic teams.

Le Vaisseau helps in supporting artistic creation, promoting and sharing of artistic and cultural processes with the people present in the territory in which it is established.


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