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Frédéric Ferrer, author, actor and director, founded the company Vertical Detour in 2001.

The company’s performances bring into play pluralist dramaturgies, based on writing, orality and image. They are created from documentary sources, field surveys, collaborations with scientific research laboratories and meetings with experts and practitioners of the approached fields and of the studied issues.
Several shows were created, particularly in the context of three artistic cycles, the Chroniques du réchauffement (Chronicles of global warming), the Atlas de l’anthropocène (Atlas of the Anthropocene), and Borderline(s) Investigations which question the upheaval in today’s world.
The company’s creations are played in several festivals and partner venues in France and abroad.

The company also implemented an art factory project from 2005 to 2015 in an old disused building of the Ville-Evrard psychiatric hospital in Seine-Saint-Denis (Paris region). It hosted many artists and creative teams in residence (theatre, dance and street performance) and developed several initiatives for the hospital staff and patients (meetings, projects, writing and creative workshops, public openings).
It is currently developing a new art factory project at the Coubert Rehabilitation Centre.

The Vertical Detour company is subsidised by the Region Île-de-France and the DRAC Île-de-France - Ministry of Culture and Communication. It is supported by the Regional Health Agency of Île-de-France - Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and Women’s Rights and by the DRAC Île-de-France in the implementation of the Culture and Health program.

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