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Sunamik Pigialik ?

One hell of a story about the world
Creation 2014
The art project

Sunamik Pigialik [1] portrays the fate of the polar bear. It is a story of today whose ending nobody knows. A question mark placed onto the world. A story to be looked for. A truth to be discovered.

It is a journey through space and time, with polar bears, Inuits, ice, penguins, climate and animal ecology experts and cosmonauts.
It starts with a zoo where a polar bear should never have come. (“Oursonnade 1”)
It continues with a conference. With an investigation on ice, a field study in Canada – beginning in Churchill, the polar bear capital, to Fairbanks – with conference speakers, a globe, diagrams, graphs, pictures, reconstitutions, demonstrations but in reality, it isn’t really a conference, because a conference like this one wouldn’t really be a conference. (“Oursonnade 2”)
It passes through the Antarctic, where the ice fields stretch out, as a possible solution, but where everything is actually going wrong. (“Oursonnade 3”)
And it ends in a space ship, travelling from one distortion to another through galaxies, in search of a new “Earth”. (“Oursonnade 4”)

In fact, this show is an attempt at finding a solution to problems. It is the search for the right path. The search for the truth. The search for the understanding of the world and Man’s role in it.
In fact, it is one hell of a story.


[1What to do? (In Inuktikut=Inuit language of Canada)

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Duration: 1h
Written and directed by: Frédéric Ferrer
Starring: Pierre Grammont, Karen Ramage, Anna Schmutz, Hélène Seretti
Costumes: Anne Buguet, Afef Farik
Visual effects: Claire Gras
Lights, construction, props and stage management: Olivier Crochet
Sound design: Pascal Bricard
Sound operator: Samuel Sérandour
Light operator: Paco Galan

Production - Diffusion: Lola Blanc
Administration: Flore Lepastourel
Communication - Mediation: Claire Gras

Notices and credits

Production: Vertical Détour
Coproductions: Le Quai - Forum des Arts Vivants, Angers / Le Gallia Théâtre Cinéma - scène conventionnée de Saintes / La Friche - Amin Théâtre, Viry-Châtillon
Partnership: l’Etablissement Public de Santé de Ville-Evrard
Supported by DRAC Île-de-France - Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, Région Île-de-France

La compagnie Vertical Détour est conventionnée par la Région et la DRAC Île-de-France – Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication. Elle est en résidence au Centre de Réadaptation de Coubert – établissement de l’UGECAM Île-de-France et soutenue par la DRAC et l’ARS Île-de-France dans le cadre du programme Culture et Santé.

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