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Kyoto Forever

The adverse winds are rising
Creation 2008
The art project

Eight men and women, nation-characters, hold a conference and bring the post-Kyoto era into play in their own way

An international summit
The last round of negotiations
Tense atmosphere
Clandestine talks
Whispered words
Journalists on the lookout
Which new protocol after Paris?
Which scenario for the twenty-first Century?
Which development policy should be implemented?
Degrowth as a new growth?
Muffled discussions
Resistances. Blockages
The adverse winds are rising
And the experts are drifting


Written and directed by: Frédéric Ferrer
Starring: Astrid Cathala, Behi Djanati Ataï (persian version), Frédéric Ferrer, Maria Montes (spanish version), Jean-Claude Montheil, Benjamin Nicolas, Karen Ramage, Delia Roubtsova, Stéphane Schoukroun
Stage design: Frédéric Ferrer
Lights and stage management: Olivier Crochet
Construction: Olivier Crochet, Timothy Larcher
Sound design: Pascal Bricard
Costumes: Anne Buguet

Notices and credits

Production: Vertical Détour / Théâtre le Quai / Open-Arts (Angers)
Partnership: DRAC Île de France - Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication (aide à la production), ADAMI, Centre National du Théâtre (aide à la création), EPS de Ville-Evrard.
The text of this show has been published by Editions l’Oeil du Souffleur

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