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A proposal for the staging of the Olympic Games, event after event


A work in several episodes spanning from 2019 to 2024

It is a rigorous, diligent, and meticulous artistic initiative of analysis and reflection on the various Olympic disciplines and events, from the origins to present day, in their sporting dimensions of course, but also technical, political, philosophical, ethical, cultural, economic, sociological, geographical, anthropological, and many other “-icals”. No aspect will be spared, and everything that will lend itself to the test—precisely—will be the subject of resolutely diligently and possibly unprecedented investigation and exploration that will bring new perspective to the trials.

To carry out this enterprise of celebration and questioning of the Games and the spirit of Games, I will use certain tools, which will certainly have to be discussed, but which will allow, behind the reality of the figures and the curves, to better contextualize the beauty, the singularity, and the complexity too, of the Games, while ensuring we don’t forget to elaborate development prospects for the future. A celebration is not a celebration if it does not use the past to think about the future.

We will run from Olympia to Paris, we will jump from 776 BCE to 2024, we will encourage new links between disciplines and words, things and exploits, we will hop over the gods, the stadiums, and the hurdles that will likely arise, we will set challenges and extend invitations to great witnesses, and fight against time and exhaustion, thanks to an adapted training, and a regular practice until 2024.

Coproduction of La Villette, Live Site officiel of JO 2024

A special guest from the sports world will be present at each event.

The cycle
10 projects

Olympicorama – Trial 10 – Coxless Four

Creation for May 31, 2022 - Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne, Lausanne (CH)

Focuses on rowing, sweep and sculling, port and starboard, the coxed and coxless four, as well as coxed and coxless pair, and the eight and the single scull, glide and speed, cadence and water intake, hulls, oars, catch and catch a crab, pull through and release, with legs, arms, straight backs (...) Read more

Olympicorama – Trial 9 – Weightlifting

creation of Marsh 14, 2022 - La Villette, Paris

Focuses on weight and strength, bars and discs, metal and rubber, lifting, carrying, snatch and clean and jerk, belts and magnesia, with Samson, Hercules and many other Hercules, and muscle, power, speed, cheating and all the art of balance with bouncing (...) Read more

Olympicorama – Trial 8 – Table tennis

created on October 26, 2021 - La Villette, Paris

Focuses on ping and pong, the table and paddle, ball and net, celluloid and rubber, plastic and pips, glue and sponge, China and more China, the Tomahawk and Snake serves, top, flip, sidespin and counter topspin, and other effects, with Mao Zedong, Richard Nixon and ping-pong diplomacy in the (...) Read more

Olympicorama – Trial 7 – Foil, saber, and epee

created on september 27, 2021 - La Villette, Paris

Focuses on priority and convention, attack and parry, riposte and double-touch, thrusting and cutting, blade and button, edge and point, torso, head and arm, electricity, distance and en garde, lunge and extension, with flexibility, patience, great tension, explosiveness, and screams after (...) Read more

Olympicorama – Trial 6 – Marathon

created on september 30, 2020 - La Villette, Paris

Focuses on Athens and Pheidippides, Herodotus and the battle of Marathon, on the 42.195 km and the time it takes to cover the distance, tradition and modernity, long-distance running and stride, from the highlands and myths, Kenya and Ethiopia, stories of men and women, with heroes, cheats, (...) Read more

Olympicorama – Trial 5 – Handball

created on February 17, 2020 - Malraux scène nationale Chambéry Savoie (73)

Focuses on the the game played with a ball and by hand, on a playing field, with lines, zones, two goals and two teams of 7 players competing against each other, in order to defend and score goals by using different techniques that we will analyze, including for example—and non-exhaustively—back (...) Read more

Olympicorama – Trial 4 – 100m

created on November 04,2019 - La Villette, Paris

Focuses on starting blocks and false starts, Jamaica, Usain Bolt, Merlene the “Queen of the Track” and Queen Christine, Jesse Owens and Hitler, and other sprints, like the 200m, hurdle race and relay race, with raised fists on the podium and anaerobic alactic (...) Read more

Olympicorama – Trial 3 – High jump

created on september 30, 2019 - La Villette, Paris

Focuses on the bar, the approach, the takeoff foot and the actual takeoff, the scissors technique and the Western roll, jumping sideways and belly down, the Fosbury Flop, and unbeatable records. Read more

Olympicorama – Trial 2 – Discus

created on June 17, 2019 - La Villette, Paris

Focuses on the throw, Homer and the Iliad, rotation, angle of flight, area, and phalangette, East Germany, Jürgen, and Gabriele who throws further than Jürgen. Read more

Olympicorama – Trial 1 – 400m

Created on May 20, 2019 - La Villette, Paris

Focuses on the double stadion, the first and second curves, lines, long sprints, memorable finishes, stunning 4x400s, Leonidas de Rhodes, Loco de Waco, and Marie-Jo. Read more

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