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The Rabbit Issue, cartography 7

Or how the rabbit asks very interesting questions to understand a whole lot of things in today’s world (Homo sapiens, ecology, the virus and the parenthesis)
Creation 2021
Work in progress

From the rabbit hutch to factory farming, from the invasive species that has destroyed many ecosystems to the resistance fighters on the Kerguelen islands, from the rabbit sent into space in 1959 by the Russians to the victims of the Côtes-d’Armor serial killer, from the stuffed animals that happily sit on our children’s beds to those we will end up eating and drinking as it rains plastic, rabbits constantly question the limits of our world. Afflicted with many ailments, have they become one of the signs of our planet’s poor health, the marker of the processes of impoverishment and extinction of living beings, and ultimately of themselves?
But are rabbits really that raving? The question is obviously essential.

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Les Quiconces et l’Espal - Scène nationale - Temps Fort Vivants ! Vivantes !
Le Mans
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Creation Frédéric Ferrer
Collaboration Hélène Schwartz
With} Frédéric Ferrer et Hélène Schwartz

Notices and credits

Production : Compagnie Vertical Détour
Coproduction : Maison des Métallos, Paris

La compagnie Vertical Détour est conventionnée par la Région Île-de-France et la DRAC Île-de-France – Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication. Elle est accueillie en résidence au Centre de Réadaptation de Coubert – établissement de l’UGECAM Île-de-France.

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